Saca González, Elías Antonio

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Elías Antonio Saca González (ālē´äs äntō´nēō sä´kä gōnsäl´ās), 1965–, Salvadoran political leader, president of El Salvador (2004–), b. Usulután. "Tony" Saca worked as a sports commentator and in advertising sales for radio and television, and purchased his first radio station when he was 22. Eventually building a small radio network, he served as president of the Salvadoran Association of Radio Broadcasters (1997–2001) and of the National Private Enterprise Association (2001–4). Saca, a member of the conservative National Republican Alliance (ARENA), had never run for office before his bid for the presidency in 2004. He has continued the free-market and pro-United States policies of his predecessor, Francisco Flores Pérez.