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Jiujiang (jyōō-jyäng) or Kiukiang, city (1994 est. pop. 322,300), N Jiangxi prov., China, on the Chang River, near Poyang Lake. A major river port, it is connected by rail with Nanchang. In a major tea-growing area, it is a large processing, marketing, and shipping point. Bricks, tiles, and textiles are manufactured, and a hydroelectric project is nearby. Jiujiang has notable botanical gardens and an arboretum. Just south is the wooded mountain of Lü Shan, the location of the resort of Guling and of the White Deer Cave, in which Chu Hsi (Zhu Xi), the 13th-century Confucian philosopher, lived and taught. The name sometimes appears as Chiu-chiang.