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Hardangerfjord (härdäng´ərfyôr´), second largest fjord of Norway, penetrating 114 mi (183 km) from the Atlantic Ocean into Hordaland co., SW Norway. A southern branch, the Sørfjord, cleaves the Hardangervidda, a barren and rocky plateau, for 25 mi (40 km); at its head are the village of Odda and the famous Skjeggedalsfoss, a waterfall 525 ft (160 m) high. An eastern branch, the Eidfjord, extends 15 mi (24 km) to the quaint village of Vik near the Vøringfoss, a waterfall 535 ft (163 m) high. The valleys of the Hardangerfjord are fertile and dotted with picturesque villages. Embroidery and violinmaking are traditional home industries. The region is a favorite tourist area. Extending inland from the fjord is the Hardangerfjell, a mountain mass rising to 6,153 ft (1,875 m) in the Hardangerjøkel.