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Fichtelgebirge (fĬkh´təlgəbĬr´gə), mountain knot, in SE Germany, between Bayreuth and the Czech border; rises to 3,447 ft (1,051 m) in Schneeberg peak. The rugged mountains are composed mainly of metamorphic rock. The Erzgebirge, Bohemian Forest, Thuringian Forest, and Franconian Jura radiate from them, and the Saale and Main rivers originate there. The Fichtelgebirge have dense pine forests and are dotted with resorts. The mountains were once rich in a variety of minerals, but now only lignite and iron are found in large quantities. Selb, the chief town of the region, is a major center for porcelain production. Other major industries include cotton textiles, forestry, granite quarrying, and tourism.