Al-Fasi, Isaac ben Jacob ha-Kohen

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Isaac ben Jacob ha-Kohen Al-Fasi (äl-fä´sē), 1013–1103, prominent Jewish Talmudic scholar of the very late Gaonic period, b. near Fès, N Africa. He headed the rabbinical school at Fès until forced out at the age of 75 by political intrigues. He then settled in Lucena, Spain, where he established a school. His Halachoth [book of laws] contains a digest of legal decisions distilled from the Talmud. It played a significant role in establishing the supremacy of the Babylonian over the Palestinian Talmud and the 1881 edition is appended to regular editions of the Talmud. He is also known for his collection of Responsa, many of which were written in Arabic and later translated into Hebrew.

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