Abdallahi, Sidi Ould Cheikh

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Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi (sē´dē ōōld shāk äbdəlä´ē), 1937–, Mauritanian political leader, president of Mauritania (2007–8), b. Aleg. Trained as an economist in Senegal and France, he returned to Mauritania in 1968. Abdallahi held several cabinet posts in the Mauritanian government (1971–78, 1986–87), and also worked as an economic adviser to the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, both in Kuwait (1982–85) and in Niger (1989–2003). He ran as an independent in 2007 but was supported by former government parties and was regarded as the military's candidate; Abdallahi won the presidency after a runoff election. He was overthrown in Aug., 2008, after rising food prices, his government's overtures to Islamists, and other issues cost him legislative and military support. A negotiated agreement led in June 2009 to power-sharing government that was appointed by Abdallahi, who then resigned as president.