Eleanor Roosevelt to James Loeb, Jr.

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Eleanor Roosevelt to James Loeb, Jr.

January 1947


I will write Mrs Johnson as soon as I have time.

I thought your announcement was rather bad as I am not attacking Mr Wallace nor other progressives


1. "The Enemy Is Not Each Other," Henry Wallace, New Republic, 27 January 1947, 23. Although dated after ER's responding column, the newsstands received the issues prior to the publication dates listed, thus explaining the chronological discrepancy.

2. "Liberals Attack Wallace Policy," NYT, 23 January 1947, 14.

3. MD, 25 January 1947.

4. Ella and Morse Johnson to James Loeb, 27 January 1947, AERP.

5. James Loeb, Jr., to ER, 27 January 1947, AERP.

Refusing to Speak in Toronto

After ER accepted an invitation to speak at the American Women's Club of Toronto in April, she received protests charging that the club discriminated against Jews. ER then telegraphed Faye McLean, president of the American Women's Club, canceling her appearance.

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Eleanor Roosevelt to James Loeb, Jr.

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Eleanor Roosevelt to James Loeb, Jr.