Beatrice Hauser to Eleanor Roosevelt

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Beatrice Hauser to Eleanor Roosevelt

13 January 1947 [Sheboygan, WI]

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt:

Last June, while attending the Inter-collegiate Institute for the United Nations at Finch Junior College, I enjoyed hearing you speak on "Human Rights."

Now, as editor of our high school paper, I'm writing to you in connection with our observance of Brotherhood Week, February 22-29. On February 20 we plan to publish an edition with brotherhood as its theme.

I know that this is a topic in which you are deeply interested, and I feel that the students in our high school would respect your views on it. Would you please give us your opinions on the following questions?

1. What can we as high school students, in a community where there are no colored people, do to promote better race relations?

2. Do you think that prejudices against other races and religions in our own country interfere with the securing of peace in the world?

3. What influence did the war have on American prejudices?

Thank you very much!


                                    Beatrice Hauser


Although ER kept no outgoing copy of her reply, her secretary's notes indicate that ER dictated the following answer.

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Beatrice Hauser to Eleanor Roosevelt

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