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International Conspiratological Association

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The International Conspiratological Association (ICA), sometimes known as the International Conspiratology Association, was created and is headed by Richard F. Masker. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the group is based in Idaho. The association's anti-Semitic rhetoric is centered on preventing the international Jewish population and their accomplices from destroying the "International White Race" and creating the "New World Order."


Richard Masker founded the ICA in 1982. His idea for the association grew from his realization of the existence of a communist conspiracy organized by the anti-white Jewish population while working at a drinking water facility in Pennsylvania. He decided to focus on ensuring the continued existence of the "White Racial People" for the remainder of his life, according to the organization's web site. He does this with the help of his wife Deon, as well as with other supporters of his cause. Masker appears to best reach possible sympathizers to his cause through the association's web site, where he sells merchandise with the phrase "White Pride World Wide" imprinted on it, suggests further readings as well as provides his own articles for interested potential members, and offers to give lectures on his methodology.


The group uses Idaho as a home base, with Masker residing there. In an article by Masker himself, entitled "Vacation in Idaho: The Great Hate State," he claims Idaho is somewhere where "White Americans can safely visit their own Racial Family." The main goals of the group are to raise awareness of the so-called conspiracy of the Jews, and to ultimately, as stated on the association web site, "take the world back from International Jewish mental enslavement and financial domination." Masker intends to prevent Jews from dominating the lives of the American public fully and completely, in all aspects, according to their own agenda. Also explained on the web site is the necessity for political deprogramming, to secure the "history, culture and most of all … genetic existence" of the "White Racial People." Political deprogramming consists of talking to community members and making them aware of the conspiracy; undoing what the Jewish influence of the government has done to the population, in essence.

The introduction on the web site claims that the white race can destroy evil as well as "save and perfect every thing imaginable," while having "the infinite capacity for charity, love and compassion." The ICA does not see itself as a hate group, racist, white supremacist, or anti-Semitic. The group believes it is only realizing a great conspiracy, and trying to prevent the Jewish "World Government" from coming to power. Although the web site does not provide any specifics on how it plans to defeat the Jews, Masker claims in his article that "the tree of liberty is about to be heavily watered with the blood of Pro-NOW [New World Order] Marxist tyrants and their minions of Jewish World Congress secret societies and subversive groups." This suggests killing of some sort, but no further details are provided. Much of the group's aims are based on raising awareness about everything from the Jewish control of the political arena to their use of fluoridation in drinking water in order to create passiveness and servitude in the American public. Education surrounding the conspiracy is a central theme in many of the organization's reading materials, provided on its web site. Masker seems to suggest that before the group can take any further action, they must have a strong and knowledgeable membership base.



Richard Masker founded the organization and continues to be its main leader as of August 2005. He worked in water facilities; first as executive manager of a drinking water facility in Pennsylvania, where he claims to have realized the presence of a Jewish communist conspiracy, and then he worked as a city water superintendent for Oregon. Since, he has been working on spreading the word about the "Conspiracy of the Jews," with a focus on making police agencies aware of this conspiracy, given that they have been main targets in the past of the Jewish population.

Masker also had a brief stint in politics when he ran for a minor position in Idaho in 2000. His goal in running was to spread his views on the Jewish conspiracy to the population and to promote awareness of its influence on the political arena. He did not succeed in obtaining the position, but he continued spreading his ideas through various paths. He supplies many articles, mainly through the association web site, expressing ways for potential members to learn more about the conspiracy as well as spread the word of its effects.


There is very limited coverage of the ICA, and most of the material that can be found on the group is provided by the group itself or by other extremist groups in accordance with the organization's teachings. One such web site, National Vanguard, is committed to breaking through censorship to provide hope to whites. This web site has an article from Richard Masker entitled "On the Road Again," which explains the intentions of the ICA to create signs that can be attached to vehicles that have messages like "Zionist Treason Rules America." Although there is not any commentary from the web site itself on the organization, its display of Masker's article suggests that it supports the group's mission. There are several other web sites that accomplish similar tasks, but most literature related to the group is written by Masker himself.


The International Conspiratological Association continues to operate and carry out its vision of educating the white race about the Jewish Zionist forces at work in America, as of August 2005. News coverage of the group is few and far between, and can mainly be found in news sources closest to Idaho. The group continues to provide anti-Semitic articles and information on its web site covering the revelation of the Jewish influence in America and how to spread the word to others. Although there is no information provided about the membership of the group, or any other such statistics, Masker is still fighting for the cause so near and dear to him.


Richard Masker founded the International Conspiratological Association (ICA).
Masker ran for a minor political position in Idaho.


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