Goodnow, Frank J. (1859–1939)

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GOODNOW, FRANK J. (1859–1939)

Frank Johnson Goodnow, founding president of the American Political Science Association (1903–1905), professor at Columbia University (1891–1912) and subsequently president of Johns Hopkins University (1914–1929), was one of the leading proponents of progressive constitutional thought. Rejecting the traditional doctrine of separation of powers, he urged a new separation of political decision making from public administration. In Social Reform and the Constitution (1911) he condemned the strict construction of the Constitution that blocked implementation of progressive reforms. He advocated a flexible constitutionalism that would reflect the pace of social change.

Dennis J. Mahoney


Mahoney, Dennis J. 1984 A New Political Science for a World Made Wholly New: The Doctrine of Progress and the Emergence of American Political Science. Ph.D. dissertation, Claremont Graduate School.

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Goodnow, Frank J. (1859–1939)

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