Nashashibi, Fakhri (1899–1941)

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Palestinian politician. A member of one of Jerusalem's most prominent families and nephew of Raghib al-Nashashibi, Fakhri Nashashibi was employed in various positions in the British Mandate government until the late 1920s, when he became his uncle's chief assistant, organizer, and propagandist. Although the Nashashibis' National Defense Party was represented on the Arab Higher Committee in the first year of the 1936–1939 Arab Revolt, they broke with it, and with Hajj Amin al-Husayni and his supporters, over a British partition plan of 1937. Hajj Amin, a strong nationalist, opposed the plan, and the Nashashibis favored compromise. Raghib al-Nashashibi became the main organizer of the Palestinian opposition to Hajj Amin and accepted help from the British and the Zionists in forming "peace gangs" while doing so. Fakhri was assassinated in Baghdad.

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