views updated May 08 2018

pedicle A fleshy stalk which attaches most brachiopods (Brachiopoda) to the sea floor. It emerges either posteriorly from between the two valves of the shell or from a triangular notch (the delthyrium) in one of them. In some species it issues from a circular pedicle foramen (in the ventral valve). In other species it is either not developed or atrophied.


views updated May 23 2018

pedicle (ped-ikŭl) n.
1. the narrow neck of tissue connecting some tumours to the normal tissue from which they have developed.

2. (in plastic surgery) a narrow folded tube of skin by means of which a piece of skin used for grafting remains attached to its original site.

3. (in anatomy) any slender stemlike process.


views updated Jun 27 2018

pedicle The muscular stalk by which sessile, aquatic invertebrates are attached to their substrate.