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mac·a·da·mi·a / ˌmakəˈdāmēə/ • n. an Australian tree (genus Macadamia, family Proteaceae) with glossy evergreen leaves and globular edible nuts. Several species include M. integrifolia and M. tetraphylla, cultivated for their nuts. ∎  (also macadamia nut) the edible nut of this tree.


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Macadamia (family Proteaceae) A genus of shrubs and trees that yield oily, edible seeds. There are 9 species. One is found in Madagascar, 1 in Celebes, 3 in New Caledonia, and 5 in Australia. M. integrifolia and M. tetraphylla are cultivated, providing the delicious Queensland nut, or macadamia.


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macadamia Genus of Australian trees of the family Proteaceae. Most species have stiff, oblong, lance-like leaves. The edible seeds are round, hard-shelled nuts, covered by thick husks that split when ripe. Height: to 18m (60ft).

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