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Iris (family Iridaceae) A genus of plants that have rhizomes or bulbs, leafy shoots usually flattened in one plane, and showy, characteristic flowers in which the 3 outer perianth segments (the ‘falls’) usually arch down and are larger than the 3 inner perianth segments (the ‘standards’) which are often more or less erect and stalked. The 3 style-branches are broad and petal-like, and forked at the apex. There are some 300 species, throughout the northern temperate zone, many being cultivated (as are many hybrids) for their beautiful flowers.


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iris Genus of about 300 species of flowering plants widely distributed, mostly in temperate areas. They are monocotyledons and have bulbs or rhizomes. Height: up to 90cm (3ft). Family Iridaceae. See also crocus; gladiolus