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rad·i·cle / ˈradikəl/ • n. Bot. the part of a plant embryo that develops into the primary root. ∎ Anat. a rootlike subdivision of a nerve or vein. DERIVATIVES: ra·dic·u·lar / rəˈdikyələr/ adj. ( Anat. ).

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radicle The part of a plant embryo that develops into the root system. The tip of the radicle is protected by a root cap and points towards the micropyle. On germination it breaks through the testa and grows down into the soil. Compare plumule.

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radicle (bot.) part of the embryo which develops into the primary root. XVIII. — L. rādīcula, dim. of rādīx, rādīc- root; see -CLE.

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radicle (rad-ikŭl) n. (in anatomy)
1. a small root.

2. the initial fibre of a nerve or the origin of a vein.
radicular (ră-dik-yoo-ler) adj.

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radicle In an embryo, the rudimentary root.

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