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meristem A plant tissue consisting of actively dividing cells that give rise to cells that differentiate into new tissues of the plant. The most important meristems are those occurring at the tip of the shoot and root (see apical meristem) and the lateral meristems in the older parts of the plant (see cambium; cork cambium).

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meristem In plants, a layer of cells that divides repeatedly to generate new tissues. It is present at the growing tips of shoots and roots, and at certain sites in leaves. In monocotyledons, the leaf meristem is at the base, explaining why grasses continue to grow when the leaf tips are removed by grazing or mowing. See also cambium

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meristem A group of plant cells that are capable of dividing indefinitely and whose main function is the production of new growth. They are found at the growing tip of a root or a stem (apical meristem); in the cambium (lateral meristem); and, in grasses, also within the stem and leaf sheaths (intercalary meristem).

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