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antherozoid (spermatozoid) The male gamete produced in the (antheridia of fungi, algae, bryophytes, pteridophytes, and some gymnosperms. The cell is haploid and can move by means of flagella (the number of which varies from species to species and can be used as a diagnostic feature). The majority of antherozoids have tape-like cells with a long slender nucleus which facilitates entry in to the neck of the archegonia. Antherozoids usually develop in the antheridium (but in some gymnosperms, e.g. Ginkgo, they develop from a cell in the pollen tube of the microspore).

views updated

antherozoid (spermatozoid) The motile male gamete of algae, fungi, bryophytes, clubmosses, horsetails, ferns, and certain gymnosperms. Antherozoids usually develop in an antheridium but in certain gymnosperms, such as Ginkgo and Cycas, they develop from a cell in the pollen tube.