bird of paradise

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bird of par·a·dise • n. 1. (pl. birds of paradise) a tropical Australasian bird (family Paradisaeidae), the male of which is noted for the beauty and brilliance of its plumage. 2. (also bird of paradise flower) a southern African plant (genus Strelitzia, family Strelitziaceae), bearing a showy irregular flower with a long projecting tongue.

bird of paradise

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bird of paradise Brightly coloured, ornately plumed, perching bird of New Guinea, Australia, and nearby regions. Most species have stocky bodies, rounded wings, and short legs. The males' plumes are black, orange, red, yellow, blue or green, and are raised during elaborate courtship and associated rituals. Length: 12.5–100cm (5–40in). Family Paradisaeidae.

Bird of Paradise

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Bird of Paradise ★★½ 1932

An exotic South Seas romance in which an adventurer is cast onto a remote Polynesian island when his yacht haphazardly sails into a coral reef. There he becomes enamored of an exotic island girl, and nature seems to disapprove. 80m/B VHS, DVD . Joel McCrea, Dolores Del Rio, Lon Chaney Jr.; D: King Vidor; M: Max Steiner.