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hoe1 / / • n. a long-handled gardening tool with a thin metal blade, used mainly for weeding and breaking up soil. • v. (hoes, hoed, hoe·ing) [tr.] use a hoe to dig (earth) or thin out or dig up (plants). ∎  [intr.] use a hoe. DERIVATIVES: ho·er n. hoe2 • n. variant spelling of ho1 .

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hoeaglow, ago, alow, although, apropos, art nouveau, Bamako, Bardot, beau, Beaujolais Nouveau, below, bestow, blow, bo, Boileau, bons mots, Bordeaux, Bow, bravo, bro, cachepot, cheerio, Coe, crow, Defoe, de trop, doe, doh, dos-à-dos, do-si-do, dough, dzo, Flo, floe, flow, foe, foreknow, foreshow, forgo, Foucault, froe, glow, go, good-oh, go-slow, grow, gung-ho, Heathrow, heave-ho, heigh-ho, hello, ho, hoe, ho-ho, jo, Joe, kayo, know, lo, low, maillot, malapropos, Marceau, mho, Miró, mo, Mohs, Monroe, mot, mow, Munro, no, Noh, no-show, oh, oho, outgo, outgrow, owe, Perrault, po, Poe, pro, quid pro quo, righto, roe, Rouault, row, Rowe, sew, shew, show, sloe, slow, snow, so, soh, sow, status quo, stow, Stowe, strow, tally-ho, though, throw, tic-tac-toe, to-and-fro, toe, touch-and-go, tow, trow, undergo, undersow, voe, whacko, whoa, wo, woe, Xuzhou, yo, yo-ho-ho, Zhengzhou, Zhou

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hoe sb. XIV. ME. howe — (O)F. houe — Frankish *hauwa = OHG. houwa (G. haue), rel. to houwan HEW.
Hence vb. XV.

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