fallow land

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fallowaloe, callow, fallow, hallow, mallow, marshmallow, sallow, shallow, tallow •Pablo, tableau •cashflow • Anglo • matelot •Carlo, Harlow, Marlowe •Bargello, bellow, bordello, cello, Donatello, fellow, jello, martello, mellow, morello, niello, Novello, Pirandello, Portobello, Punchinello, Uccello, violoncello, yellow •pueblo • bedfellow • playfellow •Oddfellow • Longfellow •schoolfellow • Robin Goodfellow •airflow • halo • Day-Glo •filo, kilo •armadillo, billow, cigarillo, Murillo, Negrillo, peccadillo, pillow, tamarillo, Utrillo, willow •inflow • Wicklow • furbelow • Angelo •pomelo • uniflow •kyloe, lilo, milo, silo •Apollo, follow, hollow, Rollo, swallow, wallow •Oslo • São Paulo • outflow •bolo, criollo, polo, solo, tombolo •rouleau • regulo • modulo • mudflow •diabolo • bibelot • pedalo • underflow •buffalo •brigalow, gigolo •bungalow •Michelangelo, tangelo •piccolo • tremolo • alpenglow • tupelo •contraflow • afterglow • overflow •furlough • workflow

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fal·low1 / ˈfalō/ • adj. (of farmland) plowed and harrowed but left unsown for a period in order to restore its fertility as part of a crop rotation or to avoid surplus production: incentives for farmers to let the land lie fallow in order to reduce grain surpluses. ∎ fig. inactive: long fallow periods. ∎  (of a sow) not pregnant. • n. a piece of fallow or uncultivated land. • v. [tr.] leave (land) fallow. DERIVATIVES: fal·low·ness n. fal·low2 • n. a pale brown or reddish yellow color.

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fallow2 reddish-yellow (now only in fallow deer). OE. f(e)alu, obl. fealwe, etc. = OS. falu (Du. vaal), OHG. falo (G. fahl, falb), ON. fǫlr :- Gmc. *falwaz, f. IE. *pol- *pel- *pl-, as repr. by Skr. palitás grey, Gr; poliós, pelitnós grey, pellós dark-coloured, L. pallēre be pale, pullus grey, blackish, (O)Ir., Gael. liath, W. llwyd grey, OSl. plavŭ white.

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fallow1 ploughed or arable land OE.; ground ploughed and harrowed but left uncropped XVI. OE. fealh, fealg- = MLG. valge (G. felge); used as adj. XIV.
Hence fallow vb. break up (land) as for sowing. OE. fealgian = MHG. valgen, velgen.

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