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Bloomfield •Schwarzwald • Buchenwald •beheld, eld, geld, held, meld, self-propelled, upheld, weld, withheld •Ziegfeld • unparalleled • spot-weld •unscaled •afield, field, midfield, misfield, shield, unaneled, unconcealed, unhealed, unpeeled, unrevealed, unsealed, wield, yield •backfield • battlefield • Mansfield •Garfield • Sheffield • Lee-Enfield •airfield • Wakefield • Masefield •Greenfield • Lichfield • brickfield •Springfield • Smithfield • minefield •cornfield • brownfield • outfield •snowfield •coalfield, goldfield, Sutton Coldfield•oilfield • Bloomfield • Nuffield •upfield • Huddersfield • Sellafield •chesterfield • windshield •gumshield •build, deskilled, gild, guild, self-willed, sild, unfilled, unfulfilled, unskilled, untilled, upbuild •Brunhild • Roskilde


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Bloomfield:1 Town (1990 pop. 19,483), Hartford co., N Conn., a suburb of Hartford, in a tobacco and dairy region; settled c.1642, inc. 1835. Helicopter parts are made there. 2 City (1990 pop. 45,061), Essex co., NE N.J., an industrial and residential suburb of Newark; settled as part of Newark c.1660, inc. as a town 1812, as a city 1900. Electrical equipment, adhesives, rubber products, and semiconductor gaskets are made in the city, which is also home to Bloomfield College. Named for the Revolutionary War general Joseph Bloomfield, who later became governor of New Jersey, it had been a supply point for both sides during the war. In the 19th cent. it was a trade and transportation hub.