St Lawrence

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St Lawrence Second-longest river in Canada, flowing from the ne end of Lake Ontario to the Gulf of St Lawrence, Québec. The river forms the boundary between the USA and Canada for c.180km (110mi) of its total length of 1200km (750mi). Since the completion of the St Lawrence Seaway in 1959, the river has been navigable to all but the very largest vessels. The St Lawrence system of canals, locks and dams generates much of the hydroelectric power used in Ontario and New York.

Lawrence, St

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Lawrence, St (d.258), Roman martyr and deacon of Rome. According to tradition, Lawrence was ordered by the prefect of Rome to deliver up the treasure of the Church; when in response to this order he presented the poor people of Rome to the prefect, he was roasted to death on a gridiron (see also Laurence). His traditional emblem is a gridiron, and his feast day is 10 August.

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Saint Lawrence

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Saint Lawrence