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Piave, Francesco Maria (b Murano, 1810; d Milan, 1876). It. poet and librettist. Son of Murano glass-maker. Became proof reader in Venice and began to write opera libs. Was recommended to Verdi and wrote libs. for 10 Verdi operas—Ernani (1844), I due Foscari (1844), Macbeth (with Mattei, 1847), Il corsaro (1848), Stiffelio (1850) rev. as Aroldo (1857), Rigoletto (1851), La traviata (1853), Simon Boccanegra (1857), and La forza del destino (1862). Also wrote libs. for Balfe, Mercadante, and Ricci brothers.

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Piave (pyä´vā), river, c.137 mi (220 km) long, rising in the Carnic Alps, Venetia, NE Italy, and flowing generally S, past Belluno, to the Gulf of Venice. The upper Piave basin is subject to severe seasonal flooding (see Vaiont Dam). Hydroelectric power is produced along the upper Piave; the lower river is used for irrigation. In World War I, after their defeat at Caporetto (1917), the Italians withdrew to the Piave. Despite fierce onslaughts by the Austrians, the line was held until Oct., 1918, when the Austrians were routed by a combined Allied attack.