Sea of Okhotsk

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Sea of Okhotsk (ōkŏtsk´), Rus. Okhotskoye More, 590,000 sq mi (1,528,100 sq km), northwest arm of the Pacific Ocean, W of the Kamchatka peninsula and the Kuril Islands. It is connected with the Sea of Japan by the Tatar and La Pérouse straits and with the Pacific Ocean by passages through the Kuril Islands. The sea is generally less than 5,000 ft (1,524 m) deep; its deepest point, near the Kuriles, is 11,033 ft (3,363 m). The sea is icebound from November to June and has frequent heavy fogs. Fishing and crabbing are carried on off W Kamchatka peninsula. Magadan, on the mainland, and Korsakov, on Sakhalin, are the largest ports.

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Okhotsk, Sea of Arm of the n Pacific Ocean off the e coast of Russia, bounded e by the Kamchatka Peninsula and se by the Kuril Islands. The chief ports are Magadan and Korsakov in Russia. Area: 1,528,000sq km (590,000sq mi).