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Keflavikhomeopathic, polymathic, psychopathic, telepathic •ethic •Eolithic, megalithic, Mesolithic, monolithic, mythic, neolithic, Palaeolithic (US Paleolithic) •Gothic, Visigothic •Sothic • anacoluthic •Narvik, Slavic •pelvic • civic • Bolshevik • Ludovic •Keflavik • Menshevik • Reykjavik •Chadwick • candlewick • Gatwick •Sedgwick • Prestwick • bailiwick •Warwick • Brunswick • Lerwick •Herdwick • Ashkenazic • Keswick •forensic •aphasic, phasic •amnesic, analgesic, mesic •metaphysic • music


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Keflavík (kĕp´lävēk´), town (1993 pop. 7,584), SW Iceland, on the Faxaflói, W of Reykjavík. It is a major fishing port, best known for its large international airport, which was built by the United States during World War II. In 1951 the United States was granted the right to use it as a NATO military base, and Keflavík became the site of a U.S. air and naval base. The last U.S. forces were withdrawn in 2006.