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Als (äls), Ger. Alsen, island, 121 sq mi (313 sq km), Sønderjylland co., S Denmark, in the Lille Bælt, separated from the mainland by the narrow Alensund. Sønderborg (partly situated on the mainland) is the main city; other towns include Augustenborg and Nordborg. Farming (particularly of apples and grain), fishing, dairying, and manufacturing (especially of motor vehicle parts) are the main occupations. Danfoss, a company that produces heating and refrigerating plants is there. Its beautiful beaches make the island a popular tourist attraction. It was held by Germany from 1864 to 1920.

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views updated

ALS accident localization system
• Agricultural Land Service
• Med. amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
• Immunol. antilymphocytic serum
• Aeronautics approach lighting systems
• Associate of the Linnean Society
• (or a.l.s.) autograph letter signed
• automated library system

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als (Ger.). As, like, when, than.