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This drug's street name is STP. During the hippie drug culture of the Vietnam war period, its name referred to "serenity, tranquility, and peace." This was also a taunt and a spoof, since the initials were the same as a widely available oil additive that made an automobile engine run smoothly. The drug DOM is a member of a family of Hallucinogenic substances based on molecular additions to phenethylamine. This is a group of compounds that have structural similarities to the catecholamine-type Neurotransmitters, such as Norepinephrine, epinephrine, and Dopamine. While our bodies make these catecholamines from dietary amino acids, they do not make the chemical substitutions that produce a Psychedelic compound. Mescaline is the best and longest known of this family of Hallucinogens.

DOM is a synthesized compound that produces effects similar to mescaline and Lysergic Acid Di-Ethylamide (LSD), but the effects of DOM can last for fourteen to twenty hours, much longer than those of LSD. In addition, the effects of DOM have a very slow onset. Some of the initial street users of DOM had previous experience with LSD, a drug with a much more rapid onset. When the typical LSD-type effects were not found soon after taking DOM, some users took more drug, which led to a very intense and long-lasting psychedelic experience. Ironically, DOM was originally manufactured in the hope of producing a shorter, less-intense trip than LSD, which, it was thought, might be more useful and manageable in producing a period of insight and self-reflection in psychotherapy. This hope was never achieved.

(See also: Designer Drugs ; Dimethyltryptamine )


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Daniel X. Freedman

R. N. Pechnick

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Dom / däm/ • n. 1. a title prefixed to the names of some Roman Catholic dignitaries and Benedictine and Carthusian monks: Dom Bede Griffiths. 2. Portuguese form of don1 (sense 2).

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domaplomb, bomb, bombe, CD-ROM, dom, from, glom, mom, pom, prom, Rom, shalom, Somme, therefrom, Thom, tom, wherefrom •stink bomb • firebomb • sitcom •Telecom • non-com • intercom •coulomb • pompom • tomtom

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A. Pg. title of dignity;

B. title prefixed to the name of Benedictines and Carthusians XVIII. In A, — Pg. dom :- L. dominus master (spec. of a household), f. domus house. In B, shortening of L. dominus.

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Dom a title prefixed to the name of some Roman Catholic dignitaries and Benedictine and Carthusian monks, coming from Latin dominus ‘master’.

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