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ALAI. Tibetan, b. 1959. Genres: Science fiction/Fantasy. Career: Writer. Science Fiction Journal, China, president and editor-in-chief. Publications: Chen ai lou ding, 1998, trans. H. Goldblatt and S. Li-chun Lin as Red Poppies, 2002; Yue guang li de yin jiang, (title means: The Silversmith in the Moonlight), 1999; Da di de jie ti (title means: The Ladder of the Land), 2001; Anthology of Alai, 2001; Jiu zhe yang ri yi feng ying, (title means: Being Opulent from Day to Day), 2002. Address: Science Fiction World, 11, Section 4, South People's Road, Chengdu, Sichuan 610041, People's Republic of China. Online address: [email protected]


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ALAI Association littéraire et artistique internationale (French: International Literary and Artistic Association)