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vend / vend/ • v. [tr.] offer (small items, esp. food) for sale, esp. either from a stall or from a slot machine: there was a man vending sticky cakes and ices. ∎  Law or formal sell (something).DERIVATIVES: vend·i·ble (also vend·a·ble) adj.


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vend sell; give utterance to. XVII. — (O)F. vendre or L. vēndere, f. vēnum (see VENAL) + dare give.
So vender, vendor XVI. — AN. vendo(u)r (modF. vendeur); see -ER1, -OR1. vendible saleable. XIV. — L. Hence vendee XVI.


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Buyer or purchaser; an individual to whom anything is transferred by a sale.

The term vendee is ordinarily used in reference to a buyer of real property.