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much / ch/ • adj. & pron. (more / môr/ , most / mōst/ ) a large amount: [as adj.] I did not get much sleep I did so much shopping | [as pron.] he does not eat much they must bear much of the blame. ∎  [as pron.] used to refer disparagingly to someone or something as being a poor specimen: I'm not much of a gardener.• adv. to a great extent; a great deal: did it hurt much? thanks very much they did not mind, much to my surprise ∎  for a large part of one's time; often: I'm not there much.PHRASES: as much the same: I am sure she would do as much for me.a bit much inf. somewhat excessive or unreasonable: his earnestness can be a bit much used to ask what a particular amount or cost is.make much of give or ascribe a significant amount of attention or importance to: the island can make much of its history as a trading post between Europe and the Arab world. (as) much as even though: much as I had enjoyed my adventure, it was good to be back.much less see much the better (or worse) that is even better (or worse): we want to hear what you have to say, but if you can make it short, so much the better.this much the fact about to be stated: I know this much, you would defy the world to get what you wanted.too much an intolerable, impossible, or exhausting situation or experience: the effort proved too much for her.DERIVATIVES: much·ly adv. ( humorous ).


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much much cry and little wool proverbial saying, late 15th century, referring to a disturbance without tangible result; in early usage, the image was that of shearing a pig, which cried loudly but produced no wool.
much would have more proverbial saying, mid 14th century, meaning that the ownership of substantial possessions creates in the owner the desire for still more. (Compare the more you get, the more you want.)

See also leave much to be desired, you can have too much of a good thing.


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much † great (surviving in place-names, as M. Wenlock); great amount of XIII; adv. greatly; sb. great deal XIV. ME. muche, moche, shortening of muchel, mochel, repr. late OE. myċel, var. of micel = OS. mikil, OHG. michil, ON. mikill, Goth. mikils; Gmc. deriv. of IE. *meg-, repr. by L. magnus, Gr. mégas, Skr. mahā- great.
Hence muchly XVII (in XIX a new joc. formation). muchness XIV (m. of a muchness XVIII).