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mereadhere, Agadir, appear, arrear, auctioneer, austere, balladeer, bandolier, Bashkir, beer, besmear, bier, blear, bombardier, brigadier, buccaneer, cameleer, career, cashier, cavalier, chandelier, charioteer, cheer, chevalier, chiffonier, clavier, clear, Coetzee, cohere, commandeer, conventioneer, Cordelier, corsetière, Crimea, dear, deer, diarrhoea (US diarrhea), domineer, Dorothea, drear, ear, electioneer, emir, endear, engineer, fear, fleer, Freer, fusilier, gadgeteer, Galatea, gazetteer, gear, gondolier, gonorrhoea (US gonorrhea), Greer, grenadier, hear, here, Hosea, idea, interfere, Izmir, jeer, Judaea, Kashmir, Keir, kir, Korea, Lear, leer, Maria, marketeer, Medea, Meir, Melilla, mere, Mia, Mir, mishear, mountaineer, muleteer, musketeer, mutineer, near, orienteer, pamphleteer, panacea, paneer, peer, persevere, pier, Pierre, pioneer, pistoleer, privateer, profiteer, puppeteer, queer, racketeer, ratafia, rear, revere, rhea, rocketeer, Sapir, scrutineer, sear, seer, sere, severe, Shamir, shear, sheer, sincere, smear, sneer, sonneteer, souvenir, spear, sphere, steer, stere, summiteer, Tangier, tear, tier, Trier, Tyr, veer, veneer, Vere, Vermeer, vizier, volunteer, Wear, weir, we're, year, Zaïre

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mere1 / mi(ə)r/ • adj. that is solely or no more or better than what is specified: it happened a mere decade ago questions that cannot be answered by mere mortals. ∎  (the merest) the smallest or slightest: the merest hint of makeup. mere2 • n. chiefly poetic/lit. a lake, pond, or arm of the sea.

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mere1 † sea; lake. OE. mere, corr. to OS. meri sea (Du. meer sea, pool), OHG. mari, meri (G. meer), ON. marr sea, Goth. mari-, marei :- Gmc. *mari :- IE. *mori-; see MARINE.

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mere2 done without another's help XV; † unmixed, pure; † absolute, entire; that is only what it is said to be XVI. — AN. meer, OF. mier or its source L. merus not mixed, pure.
Hence merely XVI.

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