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down·hill / ˈdounˈhil/ • adv. toward the bottom of a slope: he ran downhill | follow the road downhill. ∎ fig. into a steadily worsening situation: his marriage continued to slide downhill. ∎  fig. used to describe easy or quick progress toward an objective after initial difficulties have been overcome: up by six runs in the eighth inning—it should have been downhill all the way. • adj. leading down toward the bottom of a slope: the route is downhill for part of the way. ∎ fig. leading to a steadily worsening situation: the downhill road to delinquency. ∎ fig. without difficulty or challenge: we can take the easy road, the downhill road, or we can put America on the path to greatness again. ∎  of or relating to the sport of skiing or cycling downhill: the world downhill champion. • n. 1. a downward slope. 2. Skiing a downhill race. ∎  the activity of downhill skiing. PHRASES: go downhill become worse; deteriorate: the business is going downhill fast.

views updated

downhillbill, Brazil, brill, Camille, chill, cookchill, dill, distil (US distill), downhill, drill, Edgehill, Estoril, fill, freewill, frill, fulfil (US fulfill), Gill, goodwill, grill, grille, hill, ill, instil, kill, krill, mil, mill, nil, Phil, pill, quadrille, quill, rill, Seville, shill, shrill, sill, skill, spadille, spill, squill, still, stock-still, swill, thill, thrill, till, trill, twill, until, uphill, will •hwyl • bank bill • handbill • waxbill •playbill, waybill •cranesbill • sibyl • crossbill • sawbill •hornbill • storksbill • shoebill •spoonbill • duckbill • razorbill •gerbil • wind chill • Churchill • idyll •daffodil • back-fill • landfill • monofil •fibrefill (US fiberfill) • chlorophyll •bluegill

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