views updated May 14 2018

bun·ny / ˈbənē/ • n. (pl. -nies) inf. (also bunny rabbit) a rabbit, esp. a young one. ∎  inf. a person of a specified type or in a specified mood: ski slopes crawling with snow bunnies.


views updated Jun 27 2018

bunny a child's word for a rabbit.
bunny boiler a woman who takes revenge after having been spurned by her lover, with reference to the film Fatal Attraction, in which a jilted mistress boils her lover's pet rabbit.
bunny girl a club hostess, waitress, or photographic model, wearing a skimpy costume with ears and a tail suggestive of a rabbit.

See also Easter of Chancery.


views updated May 11 2018

bunny †term of endearment for a woman or a child; rabbit. XVII. f. BUN2 + -Y6.