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Arklow, battle of, 1798. Despite the repulse at New Ross on 5 June 1798 the Wexford rebels remained dangerous. They had captured Gorey, and threatened Arklow, opening a line of advance north to Dublin. But the government was given time to reinforce the small garrison at Arklow and when the rebels attacked on 9 June, in great numbers, they were driven back, largely by artillery. The rebellion lost impetus and Wexford was recaptured on 21 June.

J. A. Cannon

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Arklow (är´klō), town (1991 pop. 7,987), Co. Wicklow, E Republic of Ireland, on St. George's Channel at the mouth of the Avoca River. The town has become a popular resort and has a small fishing port. Other industries include small-boat manufacture and pottery. Irish rebels were defeated at Arklow in 1798. Shelton Abbey nearby is the seat of the earl of Wicklow.