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Zeebruggedogger, flogger, Hoggar, hogger, jogger, logger, slogger, Wagga Waggabrolga, Olga, Volgaconga, conger, donga, Rarotonga •pettifogger • footslogger •cataloguer (US cataloger) •auger, augur •ogre, Saratoga, toga, yoga •beluga, cougar, Kaluga, Kruger, Luger •sugar, Zeebrugge •bugger, hugger, lugger, mugger, plugger, rugger, slugger, Srinagar, tugger •mulga, vulgar •hunger, sangha, Younger •scandalmonger • scaremonger •fishmonger •warmonger, whoremonger •ironmonger • hugger-mugger •costermonger • Málaga •Berger, burger, burgher •hamburger • beefburger •cheeseburger • Limburger •Vegeburger • Erzgebirge •Luxembourger


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Zeebrugge (zā´brŭ´gə), outer port of Bruges (Brugge), West Flanders prov., NW Belgium, on the North Sea. Zeebrugge was developed c.1900 to replace the silted-up port of Bruges; it is connected to Bruges by a 6-mi (9.7-km) canal (opened 1907). Zeebrugge has coke and glass factories and oil-storage facilities. It is connected with Harwich, England, by a rail ferry. Used as a German submarine base in World War I, its harbor was sealed (Apr., 1918) by a British naval force under Roger J. B. Keyes.


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