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Bahawalpurabjure, adjure, allure, amour, assure, Bahawalpur, boor, Borobudur, Cavour, coiffure, conjure, couture, cure, dastur, de nos jours, doublure, dour, embouchure, endure, ensure, enure, gravure, immature, immure, impure, inure, Jaipur, Koh-i-noor, Kultur, liqueur, lure, manure, mature, moor, Moore, Muir, mure, Nagpur, Namur, obscure, photogravure, plat du jour, Pompadour, procure, pure, rotogravure, Ruhr, Saussure, secure, simon-pure, spoor, Stour, sure, tour, Tours, velour, Yom Kippur, you're •tambour • prefecture • caricature •armature •tamandua, tandoor •Dartmoor • Exmoor • Hawksmoor •paramour • Papua • Jabalpur •Manipur • Jodhpur • Kuala Lumpur•Kolhapur • Karlsruhe • Joshua •cynosure • Fraktur • détour • contour •Paduajaguar, Managua, Nicaragua•vacua • valuer • Langmuir • mantua •arguer • residua •continua, continuer •pedicure • manicure • sinecure •epicure • conure •bordure, ordure •Saumur • nunciature • overture •couverture • coverture • purpure


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Bahawalpur (bəhä´wəlpŏŏr´), city (1998 pop. 403,408), Punjab prov., E central Pakistan, on the Sutlej River. It is a commercial center, trading in wheat, sugarcane, dates, and cotton. Major manufactures are textiles, pottery, carpets, and cottonseed oil. Formerly the capital of the princely state of Bahawalpur, which was founded in the late 18th cent. and acceded to Pakistan in 1947, the city has several palaces and fine buildings, notably the Gulzar Mahal. The city is also known as Baghdad-ul-Jadid.