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paternoster (in the Roman Catholic Church) the Lord's Prayer, especially in Latin. Also, any of a number of special beads occurring at regular intervals in a rosary, indicating that the Lord's Prayer is to be recited. The name comes from Latin ‘Pater noster [our Father]’, the first two words of the prayer in Latin.
Paternoster Row a street in London near St Paul's, traditionally the site of booksellers and publishers.

See also no penny, no paternoster.


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1. Row of bead-like ornaments on astragals, etc.

2. Passenger-lift composed of platforms in series fixed to a continuous loop of chains and constantly in motion.


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paternoster the Lord's Prayer OE.; rosary, or a bead of this XIII; form of words used as a charm XIV. — L. pater noster our Father, the first words of the Lord's Prayer in Latin.