Peter Simon Pallas

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Peter Simon Pallas (pā´tər zē´môn pä´läs), 1741–1811, German naturalist and explorer. He became (1768) professor at the Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg. In 1769, Pallas was a member of an expedition to observe the transit of Venus, and until 1774 he explored the upper Amur, the Caspian Sea, and the Ural and Altai mts., collecting valuable specimens in natural history. Pallas published (1771–76) an account of the journey and also wrote on natural history and on Bering's discoveries.

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pallasite A striking and unusual kind of meteorite in which olivine and iron are intergrown in roughly equal proportions; these meteorites are thus intermediate between stony and iron meteorites. Only 35 examples are known.