Abbe Georges Lemaitre

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Lemaître, Abbé Georges Édouard (1894–1966) Belgian astrophysicist who formulated the Big Bang theory for the origin of the Universe. He saw the origins of the universe as analogous to a radioactive atom, with all the energy and matter concentrated into a kernel that he called the ‘primeval atom’. Lemaître argued that an expanding Universe would have originated in the explosion of the ‘primeval atom’.

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Georges Lemaître, Abbé (zhôrzh, äbā´ ləmĕt´rə), 1894–1966, Belgian astrophysicist, mathematician, and Catholic priest. In 1927 he became professor of astrophysics at the Univ. of Louvain and proposed the big-bang theory to help link Einstein's relativity theory to the observed evidence of an expanding universe. He also did research on cosmic rays and the three-body problem. His works include Discussion sur l'évolution de l'univers (1933) and L'Hypothèse de l'atome primitif (1946).