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Christopher male forename.
St Christopher a legendary 3rd-century Christian martyr, adopted as the patron saint of travellers, since it is said that he once carried Christ in the form of a child across a river; he was traditionally a giant, and is often shown as such in art, carrying the Christ-child on his shoulder. He is also one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.

His image was often placed in wall-paintings on the north wall of churches opposite the porch so that he would be seen by those who entered; there was a tradition that anyone seeing an image of the saint would not die that day, and he was invoked against water, tempest, plague, and sudden death. His feast day is 25 July.
Christopher Robin name of the little boy in A. A. Milne's stories about the bear Winnie-the-Pooh and other toys, shown in the illustrations with long hair and wearing a smock; the original Christopher Robin was Milne's son.

Christopher, Saint

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Christopher, Saint Patron saint of ferrymen and travellers. His feast day, 25 July, was omitted from the Roman Catholic calendar of 1969 and is no longer officially recognized.

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