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Prodigal Son, The. There are several mus. comps. on this theme, among them:(1) L'Enfant Prodigue, ballet by Prokofiev, Op.46, 1928–9, choreog. Balanchine, prod. Paris 1929.(2) The Prodigal Son, parable for church perf., by Britten, Op.81, to lib. by W. Plomer, prod. Aldeburgh (Orford) 1968, NY 1969.(3) L'Enfant Prodigue, cantata for sop., ten., bar., by Debussy, 1884, with which he won Prix de Rome.(4) The Prodigal Son, oratorio by Sullivan, perf. Worcester Fest. 1869.

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prodigal son, in the New Testament, parable of Jesus about heaven and the sinner who repents. A young man leaves home and becomes a wastrel; repentant, he returns to be received with joyful welcome.