Terry, (Sir) Richard (Runciman)

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Terry, (Sir) Richard (Runciman) (b Ellington, Northumberland, 1865; d London, 1938). Eng. organist, conductor, composer, and scholar. Org. and choirmaster St John's Cath., Antigua, 1892–6, Downside Abbey 1896–1901. While at Downside revived church mus. by early Eng. composers, reviving Byrd's Masses for 5 and 3 vv. and works by Tallis, Taverner, etc. Org. and dir. of mus., Westminster Cath. 1901–24, where he raised standard of choral singing to new height, continued to revive Tudor mus., Palestrina, and others. Works specially written for Westminster Cath. choir by Howells, Stanford, Holst, Bax, and Vaughan Williams. Wrote 5 masses, Requiem, motets, etc. Ed. Westminster Hymnal 1912, and 2 vols. of Shanties. Knighted 1922.

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