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Duparc, (Marie Eugène) Henri (Fouques-) (b Paris, 1848; d Mont-de-Marsan, 1933). Fr. composer. Extremely self-critical, destroying most of his early works. His 16 songs, orig. in idiom and fore-telling impressionism, are models of sensitivity to the poetic text combined with melodic inspiration and a harmonic style based on Wagner. They were comp. between 1868 and 1884. After 1885 he wrote nothing owing to an incurable nervous disease. His output is as follows:SONGS: (with pf. acc., but † = orch. version provided by Duparc): †Chanson triste (1868 or 9); Soupir (1869); Romance de Mignon (1869); Sérénade (1869); Le galop (1869); †Au pays où se fait la guerre (?1869–70, orig. title Absence); †L'Invitation au voyage (1870); †La vague et la cloche (1871, comp. for orch., with pf. acc. supplied later first by d'Indy then by Duparc); Elégie (1874); Extase (1874, ?rev. 1884); †Le Manoir de Rosemonde (1879 or 82); Sérénade Florentine (?1880–1); †Phidylé (1882); Lamento (1883 or 5); †Testament (1883 or 5); †La Vie antérieure (1884).VOCAL: La fruite, sop., ten., pf. (1871); Benedicat vobis Dominus, motet, STB (1882).ORCH.: Poème Nocturne (1874, orig. in 3 movts., but only No.1, Aux étoiles, survives); Lénore, sym.-poem (1875).PIANO: 5 Feuilles volantes (?1867–9).

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