Dohnányi, Ernö

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Dohnányi, Ernö [ Ernst von Dohnányi] (b Pozsony, now Bratislava, 1877; d NY, 1960). Hung. composer, pianist, and conductor. Pianist of int. repute 1897–1908 (début Berlin 1897). London début 1898 (Beethoven G major conc. at Richter concert). Prof of pf., Berlin Hochschule, 1908–15. Dir. Budapest Cons. 1919. Dir. Hungarian radio 1931, Hochschule 1934. Cond. Budapest PO 1919–44. Salzburg Fest. début 1929. Settled in USA 1949 at Florida State Univ., Tallahassee, as prof. of pf. and comp. His mus. has nationalist flavour but much less than that of Bartók and Kodály. Prin. works:OPERAS: Tante Simona (Dresden 1913); The Tower of Voivod (Budapest 1922); The Tenor (Budapest 1929).ORCH.: sym. in D minor (1900–1), in E (1943–4, rev. 1953–6); pf. conc. No.1 (1897–8), No.2 (1946–7); vn. conc. No.1 (1914–15), No.2 (1949–50); Suite in F♯ minor (1908–9); Variations on a Nursery Song, pf., orch. (1913).CHAMBER MUSIC: 3 str. qts. (1899, 1906, 1926); 2 pf. quintets (1895, 1914); vc. sonata (1899); vn. sonata (1912); sextet (1935); Passacaglia, fl. (1959).PIANO: 4 Klavierstücke; 4 Rhapsodies, Variations, Passacaglia, and Ruralia Hungarica (1923, orch. 1924).

Dohnányi, Ernst (Ernö) von

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Dohnányi, Ernst (Ernö) von (1877–1960) Hungarian composer, conductor, and pianist. Hungarian folk influences are evident, such as the piano suite Ruralia Hungarica (1926). He also composed operas, concertos and orchestral pieces.