Dmitri Stepanovich Bortniansky

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Dmitri Stepanovich Bortniansky (dəmē´trē styĬpä´nəvĬch bûrtnyän´skē), 1751–1825, Russian composer, studied with Galuppi in St. Petersburg and Venice. After producing two operas in Italy, in 1779 he returned to St. Petersburg. There, in 1796, he became director of the Imperial Chapel Choir, for which he set a high standard. He wrote mainly church music, combining Russian church style and Italian style. In 1881, Tchaikovsky completed an edition of his church music, published in 10 volumes.

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Bortnyansky, Dmitry (Stepanovich) (b Glukhov, Ukraine, 1751; d St Petersburg, 1825). Russ. composer. Followed Galuppi to Venice 1768. His operas Creonte and Quinto Fabio were performed, respectively, in Venice (1776) and Modena (1778). On return to Russia in 1779, became dir. of Empress's church choir (re-named Imperial Kapelle in 1796) which he reformed and for which he comp. large amount of mus. His sacred works were pubd. in 10 vols. in St Petersburg under editorship of Tchaikovsky (1885).