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Grenville, Sir Richard (1542–91). Of a landed family, Grenville was born at Buckland abbey, between Tavistock and Plymouth, which he sold to Francis Drake in 1581 (hence it became a Grenville–Drake shrine). Having campaigned against the Turks as a soldier, and in Ireland, in 1576 Grenville became sheriff of Cornwall and was knighted. A relative of Ralegh, Grenville was much involved, both as MP and man of action, in transatlantic settlement, especially during 1585–6 at Roanoke Island (North Carolina). In 1588 he fitted out ships against the Spanish Armada, and in 1591, under Lord Thomas Howard's command, Grenville sailed to the Azores to intercept the Spanish treasure fleet. Detained at Flores, with many sick, Grenville, in Revenge, a ship of proven fighting qualities, confronted alone a force of over 50 Spanish warships. Sinking one and damaging others before surrendering, Grenville died of his wounds; Revenge foundered in a gale shortly afterwards. Grenville's last fight became a legend.

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Grenville, Sir Richard (1541–91) English naval commander and hero. He commanded the fleet that carried Sir Walter Raleighs colonists to Roanoke, Virginia, in 1585. His adventurous career ended when he was fatally wounded and his ship, Revenge, captured in a 15-hour battle off the Azores (1591).

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