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shov·el / ˈshəvəl/ • n. a tool with a broad flat blade and typically upturned sides, used for moving coal, earth, snow or other material. ∎  a machine or part of a machine having a similar shape or function. ∎  an amount of something carried or moved with shovel: a few shovels of earth.• v. (-eled, -el·ing; Brit. -elled, -el·ling) [tr.] move (coal, earth, snow, or similar material) with a shovel: she shoveled coal on the fire. ∎  [tr.] remove snow from (an area) with a shovel: I'll clean the basement and shovel the walk. ∎ inf. put or push (something, typically food) somewhere quickly and in large quantities: Dave was shoveling pasta into his mouth.DERIVATIVES: shov·el·ful / -ˌfoŏl/ n. (pl. -fuls) .

Shovell, Sir Clowdesley

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Shovell, Sir Clowdesley (1650–1707). Naval commander. Entering the service in 1664 as a cabin boy, Shovell achieved a reputation for unflinching courage and skill during his Mediterranean commands in the 1680s, was knighted in 1689, and promoted to rear-admiral in 1690. In the naval war against the French during the 1690s he proved an effective operational commander, with an important share in the victories at Beachy Head (1690) and Barfleur (1692), while in 1695–6 he was second in command in a series of successful attacks on French ports. He was appointed full admiral in 1695. In the early years of Anne's reign he commanded in several Mediterranean actions including the capture of Gibraltar and the battle off Malaga in 1704, and in 1705 assisted Lord Peterborough to capture Barcelona. Returning from the unsuccessful Toulon mission in 1707, his flagship was wrecked off the Scilly Isles. Washed ashore, but supposedly murdered for his emerald ring, he was interred at Westminster abbey.

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shovel sb. OE. sċofl, corr. to (M)LG. schuffel, MDu. schof(f)el (Du. schoffel) shovel, hoe; with rel. forms showing a long vowel, as in OHG. scūvala (G. schaufel); f. Gmc. *skū̆f- skū̆b- SHOVE; see -EL1.
Hence vb. XV.

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