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pres·sure point • n. a point on the surface of the body sensitive to pressure. ∎  a point where an artery can be pressed against a bone to inhibit bleeding. ∎  a place in which trouble or difficulty is likely to be found: the license has been a key pressure point in the struggle.

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Pressure Point ★★★ 1962

Poitier stars as a prison psychiatrist treating an inmate who is a racist and a member of the Nazi party. Darin gives an excellent performance as the Nazi patient in this intelligent drama based on a true case. 87m/ B VHS, DVD . Sidney Poitier, Bobby Darin, Peter Falk, Carl Benton Reid, Barry J. Gordon, Howard Caine, Mary Munday; D: Hubert Cornfield; M: Ernest Gold.

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pressure point n. a point at which an artery lies over a bone on which it may be compressed by finger pressure, to arrest haemorrhage beyond.