views updated May 29 2018

in·gest / inˈjest/ • v. [tr.] take (food, drink, or another substance) into the body by swallowing or absorbing it. ∎ fig. absorb (information): he spent his days ingesting the contents of the library.DERIVATIVES: in·ges·tion / -ˈjeschən/·ges·tive / -ˈjestiv/ adj.


views updated May 17 2018

ingestion (feeding) A method of heterotrophic nutrition in which bulk food is taken into an organism and subsequently digested (see digestion). Ingestion is the principal mechanism of animal nutrition. See also macrophagous; microphagous.


views updated May 21 2018

ingestion (in-jes-chŏn) n. the process by which food is taken into the alimentary canal. It involves chewing and swallowing.