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effusionabrasion, Australasian, equation, Eurasian, evasion, invasion, occasion, persuasion, pervasion, suasion, Vespasianadhesion, cohesion, Friesian, lesion •circumcision, collision, concision, decision, derision, division, elision, envision, excision, imprecision, incision, misprision, precisian, precision, provision, scission, vision •subdivision • television • Eurovision •LaserVision •corrosion, eclosion, erosion, explosion, implosion •allusion, collusion, conclusion, confusion, contusion, delusion, diffusion, effusion, exclusion, extrusion, fusion, illusion, inclusion, interfusion, intrusion, obtrusion, occlusion, preclusion, profusion, prolusion, protrusion, reclusion, seclusion, suffusion, transfusion •Monaghan • Belgian •Bajan, Cajun, contagion, TrajanGlaswegian, legion, Norwegian, region •irreligion, religion •Injun • Harijan • oxygen • antigen •sojourn • donjon • Georgian •theologian, Trojan •Rügen •bludgeon, curmudgeon, dudgeon, gudgeon, trudgen •dungeon • glycogen • halogen •collagen • Imogen • carcinogen •hallucinogen • androgen •oestrogen (US estrogen) •hydrogen • nitrogen •burgeon, sturgeon, surgeon

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ef·fu·sion / iˈfyoōzhən/ • n. an instance of giving off something such as a liquid, light, or smell: a massive effusion of poisonous gas. ∎  Med. an escape of fluid into a body cavity. ∎  an act of talking or writing in an unrestrained or heartfelt way: literary effusions. DERIVATIVES: ef·fuse v.

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effusion pouring out or forth, shedding (of blood). XV. — (O)F. — L. effūsiō, -ōn-, f. effundere, effūs-; see EF-, FUSION.
So effuse XVI, effusive XVII.

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effusion (i-few-zhŏn) n.
1. the escape of pus, serum, blood, lymph, or other fluid into a body cavity.

2. fluid that has escaped into a body cavity.